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Rose troubles

Roses have the ability to add class and colour to any garden. They are a proven and reliable flower. However they can sometimes be prone to pests and insects which take away from their exceptional beauty. While this can be frustrating, it can be fixed by following the instructions below!

What's wrong with my Roses?

What's wrong with my Roses?

    • Tortrix Moth
      Pick off affected leaves and burn them
    • Rose Suckers
      Remove completely by pulling out from root, not by pruning
    • Stem Canker
      Cut out affected branches and paint cuts with Pruning paint
    • Cuckoo Spit
      wash off with water from hose
    • Rose Rust
      Feed plants well with Rose Food
      and spray with Spray regularly with RoseClear .
      If very severe, prune plants hard back
      and spray the new foliage.

These step will reinvigorate your Roses and restore their beauty while also keeping them safe!

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