Jobs for the Summer Garden | Johnstown Garden Centre, Ireland
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Jobs for the Summer Garden


Treat clover in lawns now with Lawn Weedkiller.

Feed flowering plants every week now with plant foor such as Tomato Food.

Plant autumn potatoes before the end of August for new potatoes at Christmas time.

Plant Autumn Flowering Garden plants to extend colour from now until Halloween.

DEADHEAD, DEADHEAD, DEADHEAD! (Huh?) Remove the old flowers to encourage new flower growth :)

Apply and renew mulches over the soil.

Weeds should be small-so hoe or hand-pull them.

Fill any gaps in borders with Summer Bedding plants now. 

Mow your lawn regularly! (Once or twice a week)

Water your veg regularly & keep greenhouses well ventilated. Now you can HARVEST Winter veg.

PLAN for holidays! Prepare your plants for going away & ask a neighbour or family member nicely to tend the garden.

We live in Ireland where weather is unpredictable, so always have a frost protection fleece or cloche in case of very low night temperatures.

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