Growing Strawberries
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How to grow your own Fresh Strawberries

Just add Cream!

Strawberries are an ideal Summer fruit, delicious in a fruit salad or simply dipped in lots of fresh cream. You can plant strawberries from September right up to mid-April and they should produce fruit in the Summer time.

It doesn't matter whether you have a large garden or none at all because strawberries can be planted in pots or containers and grown on patios, balconies or in the traditional way in rows in the garden. If you prefer you can also use hanging baskets to conserve even more space.

If you're planting in the soil in rows, put down a plant approx. every 35cm and make sure rows are at least 35cm apart, with the crown of the plant above the level of the soil. Try to have the beds raised to ensure they get plenty of drainage, and if using plastic or wooden containers indoors, make sure to drill holes in the sides and place your plants in these holes. (Using hanging baskets will naturally promote drainage). If possible cover with a net to stop birds from getting at the plants also. You should try and position the plants somewhere with lots of sun and in a sheltered spot

Water well and use plenty of compost or plant food to cultivate. Remove any old leaves and when fruit starts to develop you can tuck straw underneath to stop any of the fruit rotting on the soil. When the fruit is ready to be picked remove any mulch surrounding the plant, then simply pick and enjoy!

There is a very full Blog post here  about Strawberries with recipies and nutritional facts. Do Have a read for more information


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