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Fruit Troubles


Fruit plants can brighten up any garden, keeping them vibrant and colourful. You also have the benefit of having tasty food at your disposal so the benefits are huge!! Unfortunately Pests like them as much as we do, so they can be hard to maintain. Below are tips for dealing with certain pests and bugs, keeping your fruit clean and fresh.

What's wrong with my fruit?


                Spray with SB Plant Invigorator at first sign of attack.

    • Silver Leaf 

      Cut out affected branches at least 15 cm (6 ins) below the level of infection.
      Paint cuts with Pruning Compound
    • Codling Moth

      Use Codling Moth Traps in the trees from early May.

      The trap contains the scent of the female moth.
      The males are trapped and this reduces the egg laying.
    • Powdery Mildew 

      Pick off any affected leaves,
      or use Yellow Sulphur .
    • Red Spider Mite

      Spray regularly with clear water and if infestation is bad, use SB Plant Invigorator
    • Greenfly, Blackfly

      Spray with ?
    • Canker

      Prune out affected branches and paint cuts with Pruning paint.

These simple and efficient solutions should leave keep your Fruit Plants intact and untouched. The products mentioned are guaranteed to effectively defend your Fruit against any problems!

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