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Flower Troubles

It’s not uncommon to have problems arise with otherwise beautiful Flowers due to pests and bugs. When you’ve put a lot of work into growing a flower it can be disappointing when pests get to them. However there’s no need to panic, as there are plenty of remedies out there that will keep your flowers pest free and as beautiful as ever.

These simple solutions will get rid of whatever is tainting your flowers and will restore them to their natural beauty!!

What's wrong with my flowers?

What's wrong with my flowers?

    • Earwig:Trap earwigs using upturned plant pots 
      stuffed with straw or shredded paper
    • Slugs and Snails: Regularly apply 
      Organic Slug pellets or

      Jars sunk in the soil and filled with a little beer.
      Slugs will die happy in the beer!
    • Cuckoo spit: Wash off with a Hose

These simple instructions should set you in the right path to getting over your flower problems!

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