Caring for Orchids
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Caring for Orchids

Caring for Orchids

They get their food from bird droppings washed down the tree bark and from some leaf mould caught up in the tree canopy.

So now if we can give them the same conditions,
it should be no problem at all to grow them !

Well its not really that hard at all!

Orchids are fast becoming one of the most popular houseplants now as they flower over a really long period and are easy to mind. To mimic the conditions above, orchids are potted in small pots of very porous open structure, usually consisting of bark, moss, and sponge, to allow the water to drain away but also to hold lots of air and damp humid conditions for the roots. They are watered very regularly and then they are fed very sparingly with plant food during the growing season.

That's It!.

As the flowers naturally trail from the tree branches, they must be supported with some canes in a pot to show them off to best advantage, unless grown on a shelf where they can be allowed to trail downwards. Give them a try and enjoy 3-6 months flowering from these beautiful plants.

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