Caring for Bonsai Trees
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Caring for Bonsai Trees

Usually the air conditions in modern homes are too dry for Bonsai and it is important to give extra humidity. Misting the foliage will help, but one of the best ways is to use a humidity tray under your Bonsai tree. This is a tray filled with wet gravel placed under the tree. As  the air dries out, moisture evaporates into the air from the tray. Keep the water level in the tray under the gravel to ensure that the tree is not actually standing in water.

Inspect your tree every day. It is most likely that it will need water 
either every day or every second day, as the pots have very little soil 
in them. The best way to water is to immerse the pot under water in 
a sink for 5-10 minutes, allow to drain, and return to its position.

Never allow the plant to dry to the point that the leaves start to drop.

Feed every two weeks with a special bonsai fertilizer between April 
and October. This will keep the leaves nice and green. Do not feed a 
plant in flower. 

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