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Rambling Roses

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Rambling Roses

Rambling roses are generally older varieties that grow quite tall -up to 7 -10 metres even through tall trees. They have a great profusion of small blooms that flower generally between June and August. The stems are generally very pliable and easy to train along a wall or fence or else they reach high into trees and tall hedges. They are generally quite trouble free but just need hard pruning in September each year by pruning out the flowered stems right down to ground level and tying in the strong new shoots that develop immediately in September and October. Many of these roses have old French Names like Madame Alfred Carriere, or Albertine, Alberic Barbier etc. There are new recent Rambling varieties like Malvern Hills, and The Albrighton that flower repeatedly right through summer and Autumn. Rambling Roses are perfect for covering high two storey house walls, gable end walls, covering old out buildings, growing through hedges and growing up through old trees to flower up high.
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