Indoor Green Foliage Plants Johnstown Garden Centre, Ireland
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Indoor Green Foliage Plants

Livistona Palm

Livistona Palm


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Indoor Green Foliage Plants

Research has shown that these plants:

Neutralize harmful gases by absorbing them and breaking them down Improve the humidity level in the air using their regulating vaporization process.

Make the air healthier by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen

Every plant produces a certain amount of oxygen.

Their presence assures a healthier and more pleasant office environment, promotes wellbeing and productivity and accounts for fewer absences due to sickness.

An additional bonus is that these plants are also very easy to care for!

Many years ago, NASA began conducting research on oxygen produced by plants and how it might benefit astronauts during their travels in space. These tests showed that when we’re indoors, a large amount of harmful particles is in the air around us. These particles come from the (synthetic) construction materials used in buildings, as well as from electrical appliances and the perspiration and respiration processes of human beings themselves. These harmful gases and particles combined with low levels of humidity in the air cause people’s eyes to burn, and cause headaches and irritated mucous membranes in their throats and noses. Since the 1980’s, many institutions have conducted research on this phenomenon, which is known as Sick building syndrome.

 The improved ventilation and air purification provided by plants are important factors in the prevention of such ailments. The NASA research showed that several plants in particular could convert CO2 into oxygen more effectively than others. Further, these plants significantly lowered the percentage of harmful particles in the air. After these plants were in the test space for several days, the test person entering the space would no longer suffer from such complaints! 

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