Jobs for the Winter Garden
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Jobs for the Winter Garden

There are still plenty of jobs to do in the winter garden!

There are plenty of jobs you can do now to prepare the garden for winter and the year ahead. 

Remove old summer bedding plants and replace now with Winter flowering Pansies, Violas, Primroses and Cyclamen for colour well into the new year.

Feed the birds

Winter is a particularly tough time for birds as food is scarce and water may be frozen.

Prepare new ground by Spade digging

Here's a job to do if you are feeling particularly energetic! Winter is an ideal time to dig over any new beds or borders ready for spring sowing. As long as the ground is not frozen or waterlogged, it is fine to get to work.

Clear away old crops from your Vegetable Garden

It's a good time to clean over the edible plot and remove any old, decaying crops. Throw the debris on the compost heap

Prune Roses that have finished flowering to tidy them up and prevent rocking by wind.

Mow the grass any time the weather mild and dry.

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