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Plants and Flowers

Bonsai Tree - Medium

Bonsai Tree - Medium


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Plants and Flowers

Did you know that Johnstown Garden Centre has one of the largest ranges of garden plants, trees, shrubs and indoor plants in Ireland? The 6 acre site is only a half an hour from Dublin is a gardener's oasis given the extensive choice that is always available. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of this major category which we present online as follows:


Our Trees & Shrubs section includes many native Irish trees as well as some colourful varieties such as the Laburnum Voisii or Golden Rain Tree, Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree and the Persian Ironwood for fantastic Autumn colour. We also stock the White Cherry Blossom tree. Our range of Japanese Maple trees are very popular such as Acer palmatum Bloodgood, Acer palmatum Shaina and some gardeners prefer the Golden Japanese Maple. Naturally we stock oak, birch and beech trees. One of our bestsellers is the Cercis Lavender Twist which adds colour to any garden. you must be patient though as this tree will take 3-4 years to develop to its full potential


Flowering Plants

During the Spring and Summer months, Johnstown has over 365 varieties of Cottage Garden Perennials one for every day of the year. They range from vibrant West Country Lupins to 'Black Barlow' which makes an effective contrast with white alliums and white sweet rocket, and other aquilegias. Other Aquilegia worth noting include the “Blue Barrow” and “Ruby Port”.

For something quite different check out our flowering pond plants such as “Red Water Lily” and “Yellow Water Lily”.

Johnstown also  offer a big choice of flowering blubs starting in the Autumn.

Indoor Plants

When you visit Johnstown the first section that greets you when you arrive is the indoor plants area. The temperature is always a steady 18 degrees which Orchids and other indoor plants love. Don’t forget to check out the range of Cacti from the Aloe vera to the Money Tree,  also know as Crassula ovata Sunset. One of our most popular indoor plants are Bonsai which come in many different sizes.

Plants for a Purpose 

At Johnstown the staff are very helpful and this is reflected on our website which aims to solve problems for our customers. This section covers among others,  plants for shaded areas, plants for wet soil and plants for patio and balcony pots. If you would like to attract wildlife to your garden , then you can find out about Plants for Butterflies and Bees. Believe or not we even have a section called Plants for Bathrooms which offers a choice of over ten plant varieties.

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